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Awesome Demos Roundup #17

A fresh roundup of the most interesting and creative web experiments from the last couple of weeks.

Kinetic Typography with Three.js

Kinetic Typography may sound complicated but it's just the elegant way to say "moving text" and combine motion with text to create animations.

WebGL guide

This guide is a complete, summarized WebGL tutorial, with tiny interactive demos in each chapter.

How We Built a Playful WebGL Experience for 100 FWA Wins

To commemorate 100 FWA wins, we created a WebGL experience to celebrate this milestone with artistic expression and fun.

Interactive WebGL Hover Effects

I love WebGL, and in this article I will explain one of the cool effects you can make if you master shaders.

How to Create a Physics-based 3D Cloth with Cannon.js and Three.js

Let's take a look at how to turn an image into a cloth-like material that gets distorted by wind using Cannon.js and Three.js.

Case Study: Akaru 2019

After long discussions between developers and designers, we found the creative path we wanted to take for the redesign.

How to Create the Apple Fifth Avenue Cube in WebGL

In September 2019 Apple reopened the doors of its historic store in the Fifth Avenue.

Building a Physics-based 3D Menu with Cannon.js and Three.js

Learn the basics of doing physics in WebGL by building a 3D menu with Cannon.js and Three.js as renderer.

Techniques for Rendering Text with WebGL

As is the rule in WebGL, anything that seems like it should be simple is actually quite complicated.

Creative WebGL Image Transitions

A set of interesting looking image transitions including distortion and warp effects made with WebGL.

Behind the scenes of We Cargo

At EPIC we just released, a website dedicated to an upcoming conference on the world of cargo industry & innovation.

Making Gooey Image Hover Effects with Three.js

Learn how to create gooey reveal hover effects on images with Three.js using noise within a shader.

Crafting Stylised Mouse Trails With OGL

How to make a WebGL mouse trail, and other important life tips.

A Configurator for Creating Custom WebGL Distortion Effects

A configurator for creating unique fullscreen image animations with WebGL distortion effects powered by Three.js.

WebGL Fluid Simulation

A WebGL fluid simulation that works in mobile browsers.

How to Build an Underwater-Style Navigation Using PixiJS

A tutorial on how to create a visually distinct and accessible WebGL menu that builds from any given HTML navigation.

Why Notre-Dame Was a Tinderbox

A beautiful WebGL visualization of the Notre-Dame fire.

Pulling Apart SVGs with Reusable WebGL Components Using React-three-fiber

Learn how to pull apart SVGs in 3D space with Three.js and React, using abstractions that allow us to break the scene graph into reusable components.

How to Create a Fake 3D Image Effect with WebGL

Learn how to create an interactive "fake" 3D effect for images with depth maps and plain WebGL.