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The Future Of Design Is Open Source, Thanks To Figma

How Figma made Open Design a thing, and a look to the future of open source design tools, like Penpot!

Adobe acquires Figma, cue the memes

Adobe set to acquire Figma for $20 billion… but let's face it, we're just here for the memes!

Touch-first Cursor: Round Pointers vs. Mouse Arrows

Apple reinvented the cursor to be ‘touch-first’ on iPadOS, building on the original mouse arrow by adding ‘Pointer Magnetism’ and more.

Neurodiversity and Inclusion: Choosing Kinder Design

From night mode to alt tags, Medium’s text-to-speech and Twitter’s font slider, visual impairments are often catered to, but what about the others?

From Design System to 'NFT Design System': Creating TinyFaces

Max spent lockdown learning 3D design, leading to a venture into NFTs. He shares the stigmas and challenges of entering the NFT space as a designer.

A Primer for Internationalisation & Localisation

The web should be an inclusive place for anyone. Let’s look at how Internationalisation and Localisation can help you server a wider audience.

When Bots and Oligarchs Manipulate Platforms: Stand With Ukraine

YouTube, you’re being attacked, and your human account holders are being kicked off your platform by a flood of Russian bots.

Are UI/UX Tips the New Clickbait for Designers?✨

UI Tips are everywhere - Do’s and Don’ts of UI Design. Are they misleading beginners?

We Value Your Privacy (At About $0.50): Dark Patterns in UI Copy

Dark patterns were made illegal in 2019, but throughout 2020 and 2021, the relationship between language and design is even sneakier.

Touch, Point, Click: Mouse vs Touch Screen Input

Web developers and designers have smartly decided to simply embrace all forms of input: touch, mouse, and keyboard for starters.

GPT-3 Design Hype

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen the odd design tool pop up that brings a touch of AI to design. Now make way for ‘GPT-3’!

Prototyping Time Machine: Updates from 12 months of design tools

A look back at popular prototyping design tool updates - see how far we have come in the last year.