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Date: 2022/09/20

Inside Apple’s Secret iPhone 14 Redesign

Apple has completely redesigned the internals of the iPhone 14 to make it easier to repair.

Accidental Dismissal of Overlays: A Common Mobile Usability Problem

Overlays often need to be dismissed in a manner that goes against users’ expectations.

DRUIDS by Datadog

DRUIDS is the design system for Datadog. It stands for “Datadog Reusable User Interface Design System.”

Design 4.0: leading design in the new industry

Is there a need for designers to up their skills and knowledge in the new industrial revolution?

Figma–UXPin: a combination that will WOW youSponsored

Copy & paste Figma designs to UXPin. Add advanced interactions and reach a new interactivity level. Try the UXPin-Figma plugin and explore UXPin tool.