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Interview with Jason Yuan

Jason is an artist, performer, and inventor with a North Star of making the worlds we live in more fluid, ergonomic, and playful.

Women of Lovers Magazine

Celebrating international women's month. Interviews with women who design!

Brendan Dawes’ seven rules of creativity

Brendan Dawes is a UK-based artist who uses generative processes involving data, machine learning and algorithms to create a panoply of projects.

Adapting an outcome-centric mindset

Josh Seiden is the co-author of Lean UX, and in this interview, he shares how to achieve better results through an outcome-centric mindset.

Jomo Tariku: Winning Respect for Modern African Design

This Kenyan-born furniture designer has used art and data to push the design world to recognize Black creatives.

Staff Design

Interviews about navigating the individual contributor career path.

Behind the scenes of video game design, featuring Headland

Video game design is still a young enough practice to feel mysterious and discoverable.

Title Design of The Queen’s Gambit and Using Processing

Designer Saskia Marka and physicist-turned-animator Dave Whyte discuss their work for Netflix hit The Queens Gambit including using Processing.js

Why one designer has been fighting for inclusion for 50 years

Acclaimed designer and thought leader Cheryl D. Miller shares her decades-long quest for design justice.

This illustrator famously satirized Trump’s presidency. What will he do now?

Edel Rodriguez can’t wait to stop illustrating Trump.

The art of making information beautiful

Bureau Oberhaeuser is a Hamburg-based studio focused on information and interface design.

Inside the wild design of the Playstation 5

We spoke to chief designer Yujin Morisawa about the experience he wanted to create with the PS5.

Icon designer Louie Mantia's take on traditional Japanese playing cards

I got a chance to ask accomplished icon designer Louie Mantia about his newest project, a set of Hanafuda playing cards.

Daily Routines by Readymag

Readymag explored the lives and work habits of five designers from different backgrounds to find out what helps them stay productive and creative.

Pablo Stanley on life as a remote designer

We caught up with Pablo to talk about life as a remote designer, making your side project your day job, and why everyone loves illustrations.

Deep Discussion with Fabricio Teixeira

An insightful and inspiring interview with Fabricio Teixeira covering topics like designing remotely, collaboration, and the business value of design.

Chloe Legret on creating her “timeless and contemporary” typeface Migma

The London-based designer recently won an award for the personal project which combines traditional and contemporary design techniques.

What happens when a graphic designer opens a bar…

This is the story of Lucky You Lounge—a full-service restaurant, bar, and nightclub owned and operated by designer Karli and her husband Caleb.

38 Creatives Talk Being Black in the Design Industry

"I live and work in TriBeCa and have on occasion been mistaken for either cleaning staff or a nanny whilst visiting job sites."

Industry Icon Rob Ford Talks Design Revolution

Rob Ford is an industry icon, best-selling author and champion of ground-breaking digital creativity. In 2000, Rob founded the FWA.