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Better in black: Rethinking our most important buttons

If there’s one button you use every time you open Spotify, it’s the play button.

The Design Productivity Blueprint

The Design Productivity Blueprint helps people with a stake in design output ensure designers spend their time on high-value work.

Ask Spotify Design 02

In the second Ask Spotify Design our team offers a perspective on your design dilemmas.

Designing Data Science Tools at Spotify

A product designer explains how she built usable, well-designed tools to help data scientists transform a mass of raw data into valuable insights.

5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting a Design System at Spotify

Tyce Clee wants to give you the benefit of his hindsight by sharing the 5 things he learned while building Encore.

Making the Brand: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Meet the creatives and hear the story behind this year’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPIHM) campaign.

Bringing the Spotify Heart to Life

Discover how we designed and implemented a new micro-interaction for our heart icon.

From Gut to Plan: The Thoughtful Execution Framework

Annina Koskinen presents a framework she’s developed to help her teams at Spotify reach their goals and ship with impact.

Making the Brand: Redesigning Spotify Design

We partnered with designers to design a design brand that helps designers showcase their design work to an audience of… (wait for it) ...designers.

Spotify Design

Spotify Design are a cross-disciplinary product design community.

Illustrating for Spotify with Jarom Vogel

In this article, our guest author will walk you through the step-by-step of creating the illustrations featured on our Spotify for Podcasters page.

Reimagining Design Systems at Spotify

How we build design systems that fit our culture of autonomy.

Dialling up the joy, turning down the pain: Design Ops at Spotify

My first year of heading up design ops at Spotify is nearly complete.

Designing for Tomorrow - A Discussion on Ethical Design

Ethical design is something we're spending more and more time thinking about at Spotify.