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Date: 2022/01/24

Click and Swap, our alternative to Drag and Drop

At Contentsquare, we gather hundreds of metrics about user interactions on the websites of our customers.

Frontend Predictions for 2022

Thoughts on what we might see in the coming year, including the return of micro-frontends and the demise of the Jamstack as we know it.

Div Divisiveness

The div is the most versatile and used element in HTML. It represents nothing, while allowing developers to manipulate it into almost anything.

Refreshing our Icon System: the why and how behind the changes

Learn how and why our design systems team refreshed the icons you see when you use Spotify.

Six things to consider before changing fonts on a website

I pimped the type of Pimp my Type. Here I share what motivated me to do it, and what I paid attention to.