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Designer layoff stories

Retaliation, targeted eliminations, legal disputes, and other horror stories from the tech industry. Are you next? How can you prepare?

My process when starting a new job

Steps I take to hit the ground running when I’m starting a new job.

Learn Strategy from VP of Product Design at Headspace Sponsored

Join the Product Design Strategy Course if you want to actively shape product roadmaps and create influence with design.

Dan Mall’s 10 Principles for a Worthy Design Career

Dan Mall distills decades of experience navigating the design world into ten pieces of advice.

Letter to a mid level designer

Sharing lessons learned on the career path of a designer.

Generating income from open source

Ink has been getting some good traction lately and it’s already being used by some well-known companies for a while.

What I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Career in UX Design

Mastering the user experience goes beyond tooling and wireframes. People—users and teammates—are the heart of UX design.

The ongoing defence of frontend as a full-time job

It seems to me that we’ve come full circle back to when I started as a web developer.

Spaces by Lovers MagazineSponsored

Spaces. The all-in-one careers page for product-led teams.

Indeed Design’s Guide to Getting a Job in UX

Want to boost your career transition, nail interviews, level up your portfolio, or impress your new team? Read these articles.

The 4th Annual Web Agency Summit (Join Google, Microsoft, Yoast and more)Sponsored

Go Behind The Scenes With 40+ World-Class Web Agency Owners, Developers, Marketers and Project Managers.

Why are women encouraged to go into UX?

Men dominate the tech sector–so why is it that UX has an abundance of women?

Life, the UXverse and Everything

So Long UX, and Thanks for All the Fishbone Diagrams.

I’m a designer at LinkedIn. Here are 4 tips to attract more recruiters

Understand how recruiters source candidates on LinkedIn and how to optimize your profile to improve your chances of being found.

How to evaluate the UX maturity of a company

Something wasn’t right. I had just received the work contract to review and the name of the role stated throughout was only “designer.”

How have the layoffs impacted UX roles?

2022 has been a wild year for the tech industry.

Finding your T-Shape as a Generalist Designer

In the first installment of an interview series, two designers reflect on life as a generalist at Spotify and the career path that led them here.

Why Designers Quit

Why did you quit your last job? This was the main question in my recent study I did with designers.

The UX bootcamp model is broken

Sorry, would-be UX designers, don’t believe the marketing hype, UX bootcamps won’t do it for most of you.

Levels of knowledge and levels of designs, the growth path of a designer

Translating theory into real experiences and embracing other types of design are clear signs of your evolution as a designer.