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Date: 2022/10/12

Designing for “Delight” is Dead

The ultimate goal of product design has to be well-being — not delight.

NaN Tresor

NaN’s contextual-alternative-loaded sans NaN Tresor won’t stop till you have every option possible.

Videos in Figma Prototypes

Bring your designs to life with video! Learn how to use videos in prototypes for richer, more realistic experiences.

AI Stock Images: The Uncanny Valley from ShutterStock to StockAI

How could AI disrupt the stock image industry? A look at ownership issues, AI art generators, and the eerie, 'uncanny valley' feel of generated art.

A World-Class Code Playground with Sandpack

The CodeSandbox team recently released a wonderful tool called Sandpack, to help us create these live-updating code editors.