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Date: 2022/07/11

Rapid Personas: a play for your UX Playbook

Rapid Personas are not definitive. They’re not comprehensive. Instead, they elevate some interesting aspects of the product’s target audience.

Authentically pleasing new tab experienceSponsored

Chrome new tab extension with beautiful hand-picked backgrounds, frosted glass look, and pixel-perfect implementation. It can do stuff, too.

CSS complexity: it’s complicated

There’s lots of places in CSS to have complexity, but we tend to focus on selectors most of the time. Let’s have a look at other places too.

How Artists Get Paid From Streaming

We explain how your money gets from you to a streaming platform, and finally to an artist.

Today’s Design Is Shaped by Likes. And That’s a Problem

Design has become intertwined with the most harmful dynamics of the social web.