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Retool is the fastest way to build custom internal toolsSponsored

Retool gives a powerful set of building blocks: tables, lists, charts and more. Integrate with any datasource and customize your app using JavaScript.

"This is how video calls should feel. Thank you!"Sponsored

Meet Around, video calls built for collaboration, not meetings. Free up your screen for design sessions with our lightweight, unobtrusive interface.

The best design tool of 2020 is not what you expect

When I first experienced design software I was astounded. A new world of opportunities had just opened in front of my eyes. I couldn’t believe what…

Refind – Get a little bit smarter every daySponsored

A daily selection of links that move you forward, tailored to your interests. Deep Dives curated by experts & the best content from around the web.

The Designer’s dream - website feedback with contextSponsored

BugHerd lets you pin feedback directly to website elements, capturing a screenshot & all the technical detail you need to solve issues fast. Try Free.

Daily Routines by Readymag

Readymag explored the lives and work habits of five designers from different backgrounds to find out what helps them stay productive and creative.

Feedback and bugs. Resolved in minutes not days.Sponsored

Get less "the link is broken" and more great bug reports from non-tech clients. BugHerd includes screenshots and browser data. Try it for Free.

Design better by avoiding your cognitive biases

Can you outsmart your brain? Seven biases that mess up your designs and what you can do against them.

How to solve design problems?

A step towards the solution isn’t always a step forwards.

Is your focus inside or outside?

A human requires a larger support structure than an amoeba. This metaphor can be applied to businesses too.

Float: Resource Planning for Creative TeamsSponsored

Built by creatives, for creatives. The world's top agencies plan their projects and schedule their team's time with Float. Start a 30 day free trial.

Custom Thumbnails in Figma

A few easy steps to make full-bleed custom thumbnails for your projects in Figma.

Sizzy - The browser for developers and designersSponsored

Work on your website on multiple devices and sync all of your actions. Automate your process & stop wasting time on checking each device manually.

Because one size doesn't fit allSponsored

You should be managing projects with tools that reflect that way you like to work. Try an Airtable template today, and step into the future of work.

Design and Deploy with AirtableSponsored

What would you make if you had tools designed for the way you like to create? Step into the future of work with Airtable.

Design, meet organization.Sponsored

What would you make if you had tools designed for the way you like to create? Step into the future of work with Airtable.

Getting Remote Critique Right

Remote work brings with it some challenges that need careful pruning to create a successful and happy team.

Simplify the way your team works with monday.comSponsored

Oversee your team's entire workflow while organizing your design projects & tasks. Collaborate and see what everyone is working on in a single glance.

The new design tools on the block

Whimsical, Overflow, Maze and Toyboxsystems are the new cool kids that arrived to ease some painful part of the design workflow.

Meet Overflow. User flows done right.Sponsored

The world’s #1 user flow diagramming tool tailored for designers. A new, impactful way to communicate your work with an interactive user flow diagram.