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Why Does Email Development Have to Suck?

Explaining all the ‘s and ’s…

Designing a New Outlook Experience

Our design journey to modernize Outlook.

My Wonderful HTML Email Workflow

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of being tasked with building a template for HTML emails, you know it’s tricky business!

An Ode to Apple’s Hide My Email

Apple’s Hide My Email feature is one of the most under-rated privacy launches of the past year, and here’s why.

HTML and CSS in Emails: What Works in 2022?

Let’s take a look at some of these features and how we can make them work for all email clients, in 2022.

Email Design Trends for 2022

Discover the best email design trends for 2022 to remain on top of the game and help your business advance in email marketing.

A Complete Guide To HTML Email

Everything HTML email, with tools, templates and guides for designers and developers.

Coded Mails email templates

Hassle free responsive HTML email templates.

How To Notify Users Without Being Spammy

Writing engaging lifecycle emails is hard, considering an average person gets 121 emails/day. Make sure you respect people’s inboxes with this tactic!

Folyo: A Referral Newsletter for FreelancersSponsored

Not getting enough leads? No time for marketing? Try Folyo, the referral newsletter with 8,500+ vetted freelancers & agencies, sharing projects daily.

How to design delightful dark themes

Dark themes are the latest trend in app design.

Can I Email

A website similar to dedicated to support in email clients.

Email Love - Email Inspiration, Templates and Discovery

Email Love is a new online resource curating the best email designs, templates and tools.

Really Good Emails 2.0

Really good curated email design and code inspiration.

HTML Emails 101 For Web Developers

Email development and design is not easy, as email client suppliers have not been nearly as progressive as web browser in implementing new standards.

Dense Discovery

A weekly newsletter helping web workers be productive, stay inspired, and think critically.

How Beardbrand Built Their Email Flows

Whether or not you're gifted with luxurious facial locks, Beardbrand still has something to offer.

Lessons Learned from Peloton's Email Team

Before we talked with the Peloton team, what really stood out to us what how well they'd designed their emails.

Choosing a Responsive Email Framework: MJML vs. Foundation for Emails

Implementing responsive email design can be a bit of a drag.

New to email coding? Here's where to start

One year ago I entered the wild world of email. I was confident in my HTML/CSS skills and ready to rock it. But then... tables(!)