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Date: 2023/09/04

Why Does Email Development Have to Suck?

Explaining all the ‘s and ’s…

“We’re All Just Temporarily Abled”

June 6th I was on vacation at the beach with my family and tried something that, looking back now, maybe I’m too old for. And I injured my knee.

Let’s Make a Rubber Button With HTML, CSS and SVG

While I wasn’t looking, an elastic hover/active effect I shared on CodePen was viewed more than 11,000 times. Here’s how it works!

Laying out dots on a dice using display:flex & pseudo-classes

This tutorial presents via trial and error how to display the proper number of dots on dice faces.

Waiting for AI’s pull-to-refresh moment

There is a gesture on the iPhone that long-time mobile users are familiar with that have non-native origins.