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How Magazine Covers Became the Political Posters of Our Times

Edel Rodriguez, Jody Quon, Jaap Biemans, and Tom Alberty on the changing role of covers in today’s hyperpolitical times.

Here’s Why John Updike Designed His Own Book Covers

Last summer, while browsing the fiction aisles at Powell’s Books in Portland, a fat black spine caught my attention.

Worried About DALL·E Replacing Illustrators?

You don’t understand the power of illustration.

Today’s Design Is Shaped by Likes. And That’s a Problem

Design has become intertwined with the most harmful dynamics of the social web.

There’s a Clever Strategy Behind the Flash of Fireworks Packaging

Ahead of July 4th, we spoke with one of the US’s biggest pyrotechnics brands about its showy graphic design.

The Era of Rebellious Web Design Is Here

Code and Theory's approach to editorial web design is equal parts strategy and sprezzatura.

Inside the World of Olfactory Branding

The next frontier in branding is all about your nose.

What Made Bob Gill So Brilliant?

In the vast, ever-expanding canon of graphic design publishing, one title stands in a league of its own.

8 of the Best Book Covers of 2021

“Just one.” So went the particularly cruel prompt that we issued a medley of designers from the publishing industry as 2021 drew to a close.

The Year in Design: 5 Trends that Defined 2019

It's hard (impossible, really) to encapsulate all of the aesthetic whims that happen over the course of the year.


What do you get when you mix an '80s cyberpunk action film with typography?

In Defense of Beautiful Design

Ask the nearest designer for an example of good design, and they'll mostly likely name drop some big brand logos.

Automation Threatens to Make Graphic Designers Obsolete

Hey, so you're a monk. It's about 1440AD and you're just chilling out in your quarters, listening to a bit of chanting through the stone walls.

The Typeface That Turns Everyone Into an Instant Speed Reader

Can a Font Make Us Believe Something is True?

3 Typography Experts on How to Tell Good Hand-Lettering From the Wannabes