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Cyberpunk 2077 Assets — Logos and Vectors

This is a collection of many logos and pieces that are included throughout Cyberpunk 2077 along with artistic representations of these logos.

Everything’s L-A-Okay

New Emblems for LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

These are the fonts behind 30 famous logos

An oddly fascinating closer look at the nuts and bolts of designs we’ve all seen a thousand times.

Experts weigh in on the Biden-Harris logo

A new logo for a brand that will last three months—but will have a lifetime of importance.

Generative Logo Design

When we first set out to design a logo for Components AI, we naturally gravitated towards generative concepts.

NASA’s ‘worm’ logo lay dormant for 28 years.

So why are people so obsessed with it?

R’over the Moon

New Logo for Mars2020 by House of van Schneider.

NASA Mars 2020 Mission — Logo & Identity

A symbol capturing the energy and legacy of space travel, while celebrating the engineers who worked tirelessly on this mission.

Jokes aside, is the new Space Force logo any good? 5 design experts weigh in

Despite the obvious Star Trek comparisons, can the Space Force logo stand on its own?

Dunder Mifflin Identity

A new identity for the world's most famous paper company.

Going our Separate Waze

New Logo and Identity for Waze by Pentagram.

Font In Logo

Search and find fonts used by world brands.

Beheinz Every Great Ketchup is a Great Tomato

New Master Brand for Heinz by Jones Knowles Ritchie.

2020 Logo Trend Report

As with every logo trend report I write, I look to the past before looking ahead.

A Change of Heart

New Logo and Identity for Badoo done In-house.

The worst logos ever, Redesigned

Emanuele Abrate redesigns the worst logos on the internet.

The ’90s-era Chicago Bulls were iconic. So why is the logo such a mystery?

The Bulls logo is an icon, too—we just don’t know for sure who made it.

How Low Can Your Logo

See the winner of the contest to create the worst logo.

How Low Can Your Logo

How Low Can Your Logo is a contest to create the worst logo. Read the brief, design a logo, and submit for your chance to win prizes and glory.

The Worm is Back!

Created by Richard Danne, the logo was honored in 1984 by President Reagan for its simplistic, yet innovative design.