News + Redesign

Today we’re unveiling a new design for Google Books on desktop.
This is perhaps one of the most important days in the history of Designmodo. Today, we are releasing a new version of the site and a new logo.
The new InVision runs on an entirely new code base, is remarkably fast, and redefines collaboration. It also comes with a whole new look.
Kickstarter is the world's largest funding platform for creative projects..
We redesigned the desktop website with a renewed focus on facts, diverse perspectives, and more control for users.
Today, with lots of feedback and ideas from you, we're refreshing our product too and making it feel lighter, faster, and easier to use.
Smashing Magazine is changing: a new design, a new layout, a new technical stack, a new printed magazine, a new Smashing Membership, and the same good ol' obsession with quality…
Things look a little different around The Verge today. Very different. Like a thousand lasers shining through your mind, pointing at the future.
When Airtable launched a little over a year ago, we didn't just set out to build a better spreadsheet. Instead, we aimed to create a fundamentally new medium for working…
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