Scenic illustrations can oftentimes benefit from the subtle use of figures. These figures may be placed as a focal, middle, or background element…
A new design for the Pentagram homepage.
View Game of Thrones data for all of the houses. See power rankings, character statuses, probability of survival and more.
For me, modern Italian Illustration is like gelato for my eyes—unapologetic yet unpretentious…risqué yet innocent.
Professional problem solver. Frown upside down.
Letters and Liquor traces the history of cocktail lettering through custom typography and beautiful photographs.
Step inside a virtual showroom built with WebGL and WebVR.
Create an 800 X 600px graphic using only the letter and colours. Post it for all to see.
A detailed case study for an art subscription service companion app.
Kitkat is a designer and illustrator with the skills to send the bills.