We're accustomed to annotation patterns that discourage focused reading. FiveThirtyEight shows us a better way. Here's why and how.
Hobos were the nomadic workers who roamed the United States, taking jobs wherever they could, and never spending too long in any one place.
Processing emerged directly from the Aesthetics and Computation Group (ACG), a research group started at the Media Lab by John Maeda in 1996.
If you live in an American city and you don't personally use a wheelchair, it's easy to overlook the small ramp at most intersections.
Side project about the best web sites since 2000.
Buttons-we use them daily in apps to finalize crucial actions. How has their style developed over the years? Check the Dribbble Buttons Timeline.
Alongside painting, Picasso took on projects as an illustrator & graphic designer. This article tells Picasso's story, and showcases his design work.
We look at the history of Brutalism, examine the principles behind Brutalist architecture, and set out 5 key lessons for today’s designers.
As designers, we can apply our skills to shape public opinion, and ultimately affect political change. This article will explore some of the ways designers have made an impact in…

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