Typography + Case Study

A smooth blend of Merovingian writing, blackletter influences and contemporary shapes.
A detailed typography case study.
Hell just froze over. After seven years of offering no font options to write, iA Writer now comes with a choice.
Creating a website concept for the Roboto typeface.
For as long as I can remember, Creative Market has used Museo Sans as it's main typeface.
Making a typography poster for an ancient alphabet.
Firstly I am a graphic designer. One whose type design skills are almost entirely self-taught and honed in those precious hours between work and bed. I am dedicated to the…
Monospaced typefaces have a mechanical vibe to them. Even the typewriter ones, with all their nostalgia, still feel technical, due to the fixed width. They have an implicit and very…
A typeface five years in the making, Google Noto spans more than 100 writing systems, 800 languages, and hundreds of thousands of characters. A collaborative effort between Google and Monotype,…
Hundreds of Youtube videos, Spotify listens, and nine months later, I got an email from Jack Stratton, Vulfpeck's bandleader. Jack was looking for a bold monospace that referenced the Light…