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I used to loathe designing for edge cases. I hope this framework helps to design the edge of edge cases.
Scheduled for 2019/07/01
The all-in-one design tool for creating interactive prototypes. Get the free 30 day-trial and see why UX professionals choose Axure RP.
In our latest release, we introduced the "Embed Presentation" feature & improvements on the Share link that can bring power & speed to your workflow.
A few months ago we launched Flowcharts. Wireframes is the second product in the Whimsical suite and we can’t wait for you to try it out.
The results are in! 2,000 designers give their opinion on the most popular design tools of 2017.
Adobe's answer to Sketch: a combo of design and prototyping power-packed into the same interface. Currently in beta, but rapidly evolving and preparing for a bigger release. Anima has been…
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Cognitive behavior patterns that influence the user experience and product perception " Don't judge a book by it's cover" as the saying goes, does not apply online. Users don't really…
After opening up Flinto, you'll be presented with the splash screen, where you can go ahead and click on New Document. This, in turn opens up the New Document window…
If you work in digital product design, you are probably familiar with the concept of user testing. Putting a prototype in front of real people lets you to find out…