UX + Concept

Magic UX is a new smartphone interface inspired by the physical world.
How do I find my scooter on the crowded map? Can I reserve a scooter? Will my scooters battery life last until my destination?
Designing an app for the real-time monitoring of tire pressure while driving.
Getting a deeper understanding of why people like or dislike certain songs.
Amazon Incognito concept. Because sometimes you just want privacy while shopping on Amazon.
Hardik Pandya presents a concept that transform AirBnB into the ideal vacation planning solution.
I love music and use Spotify everyday, when I'm struggling to get up in the morning, when I'm focusing at work and when I'm taking a shower in the evening.…
Here's an idea to make it easier for the driver to identify who they're picking up, and for the passenger to feel more confident that they're being picked up by…
Explore inspiring locations in Burma using animated map and groundbreaking panoramic view mode
A single-screen redesign concept StubHub is a platform used to buy and sell sports tickets, concert tickets, theater tickets, and Broadway tickets. I conducted user interviews of StubHub's native app…