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This page is a truly naked, brutalist html quine.

One of my favorite things is to misuse technology in creative ways. Breaking the rules without breaking the rules.


WordPress and Jamstack

I recently moderated a panel at Netlify’s virtual Jamstack Conf that included Netlify CEO Matt Biilman and Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg.


Responsive Grid Design: Ultimate Guide

Responsive grid helps to maintain consistency & make faster design decisions.


Phosphor Icons

A flexible icon family for interfaces, diagrams, presentations — whatever, really.

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7 UX Best Practices for Livestream ChatSponsored

Live streaming your next event? Follow Stream's UX best practices for chat and engagement so you can scale your app with lightning speed.


min(), max(), and clamp(): three logical CSS functions to use today

Min, max, and clamp provide some powerful CSS capabilities that enable more responsive styling with fewer liens of code.


7 (more) tips to help you quickly improve your UIs

In this follow-up article I’ve focused primarily on Typography.


Spatial Memory: Why It Matters for UX Design

Users develop imprecise memory of objects and content in a UI, but still need additional signals to help them find a specific item.


Adobe’s latest AI experiments will melt your brain

Every year, Adobe pulls up the curtain on some of its most futuristic projects. Here’s the best of 2020.



The 25 most spectacular branding fails of the last 25 years

From McDonald’s hamburger for adults to ‘The Dead Kid’ Super Bowl ad, these are the biggest ‘what were they thinking?’ moments since 1995.


State-Switch Controls: The Infamous Case of the “Mute” Button

On–off controls that switch between two different system states need to clearly communicate to users both states.


Build your SVG favicon in seconds

Build a letter-based favicon like most big tech companies, or be playful and create an emoji-based favicon.


Thinking Outside the Box with CSS Grid

When you think of CSS Grid, you generally think of a boxy layout, right?


The Psychology of Misinformation During the 2020 U.S. Elections

This case study shows you the psychological principles that make people spread misinformation on social media (and how that could be improved).



The Map

A short documentary about a revolutionary redesign of New York City's iconic subway map.


Photoshop Introduces 5 Long-Awaited AI Features

The future starts today! Adobe releases the new version of Photoshop for the desktop and iPad enriched with five AI features.


Hands-Free Coding

Earlier this year, I developed Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, a repetitive-strain injury, in both of my elbows.


Icon designer Louie Mantia's take on traditional Japanese playing cards

I got a chance to ask accomplished icon designer Louie Mantia about his newest project, a set of Hanafuda playing cards.


“Reverse Toonification” of Pixar Characters

Using an AI-based framework called Pixel2Style2Pixel, Nathan Shipley made some more photorealistic faces for Pixar characters.



The 2020 State of CSS Survey

Take the annual survey about the latest trends in CSS.


Tribevibe—a community-driven platform for the untourists

Global community of travellers and locals that thrive under the premise that the world is inherently good. We host, we meet, we create global friends.


Designing Steamed Hams From “The Simpsons”

Today we’ll create the branding for Steamed Hams from “The Simpsons”.


Adobe XD releases 3D Transforms and more at Adobe MAX 2020

Get to final faster with 3D Transforms, Creative Cloud Libraries, Visual Studio Code, and more.


My chatbot is dead · Why yours should probably be too

An honest take on chatbots in the web and how they’ve become a distraction of what we should be focusing on.



Tap to Navigate

Systemizing a map component has remarkably more constraints than your average button.


Focus management and inert

Many forms of assistive technology use keyboard navigation to understand and take action on screen content.


Faster Web App Delivery with PRPL

PRPL is a pattern for structuring and serving web applications and Progressive Web Apps.


The good line-height

Have you ever needed to create a type scale and had to spend extra time figuring out what should be the right line-height?


CSS Background Patterns by MagicPattern

Beautiful pure CSS background patterns that you can actually use in your projects!



Feedback and bugs. Resolved in minutes not days.Sponsored

Get less "the link is broken" and more great bug reports from non-tech clients. BugHerd includes screenshots and browser data. Try it for Free.


The 3 qualities of a great product

There are 3 main qualities that make a great product, according to the Kano model.


iPhone 12 vs Designers

If you’re a designer working on mobile apps you probably know that there has been a growing number of Apple mobile devices to choose from.


Word as Image, by Ji Lee

Some fun examples of wordplay in Ji Lee’s personal project, Word as Image.


Daily Routines by Readymag

Readymag explored the lives and work habits of five designers from different backgrounds to find out what helps them stay productive and creative.


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