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Date: 2016/08/19

The 3 Responsibilities of Being a Designer

Good morning everyone! I have the dubious honor of being your first speaker at this years Hybrid conference and I am very honored to be here. My name is Stewart, I'm from Glasgow Scotland originally but currently live in San Francisco, California where I'm the Director of Brand Design at Intercom.

10k Apart

Inspiring the Web with Just 10k

500px Labs

Select a color and size for your brush. Then, Splash paint on the canvas and see matching photos appear in your search results. Keep adding colors to see your results change, and adjust the category filter to see different images. Now... start Splashing!

Principle 2.0

When we first released Principle we intended to follow the classic "yearly paid major updates, free minor updates" approach. This is problematic for two reasons. First it's unfair to customers that buy software right before a major version is released. Secondly, we'd prefer to release features frequently instead of saving them for a major release.

Designing Data with Sketch

As a designer of numerous web and mobile applications that require different types of data to be summarized and presented in the clearest possible way, I've spent more than 2,000 hours designing in Sketch since making the switch from Adobe Fireworks.

Material Design: towards the Dark Side on Wear 2.0

Color is one of the peculiar aspects of Material Design, one that takes part in the expression of its bold, graphical, intentional style. The ink that ripples through Google's quantum paper is vibrant, saturated, part of a simple but strong palette composed of a primary color - distilled into two accessory shades to differentiate without adding visual noise - and an accent color, usually contrasting with the former to direct the attention to key UI elements.

Motion Stills - Google Design

Motion Stills is what you call an oxymoron: a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction. The tension between the terms "motion" and "still" produces something magical, where things are moving and immobile at the same time.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Email CTA Buttons

From the beginning of mankind/womankind, buttons have been useful in interacting with the physical world. Here's a quick rundown on how humans have developed buttons for special purposes: Since the button transitioned into the virtual world via Apple computers in 1986, there really hasn't been that much of a development.

Now for the fun part: Mozilla's seven new open design logo concepts

On our open design journey together, we've arrived at an inflection point. Today our effort-equal parts open crit, performance art piece, and sociology experiment-takes its logical next step, moving from words to visuals. A roomful of reviewers lean forward in their chairs, ready to weigh in on what we've done so far.