The five best design links, every weekday

Date: 2021/11/10

The shape of software

Code and pixels materialize in my head and create an invisible bridge between the physical and digital, a bridge to a place where I have superpowers.

Flowers of Fire: Illustrations from Japanese Fireworks Catalogues (ca. 1880s)

A nineteenth-century series of catalogue advertisements for Japanese fireworks.

The Book Givers - Calling all creatives to enter a global book swap.

Send a book that inspired you, receive a book that could change your life.

Creating design systems (based on design tokens) with Figma Tokens

A guide on how to build design systems that scale easily and sync with GitHub, with the help of a plugin called Figma Tokens.

YouTube’s Attempt To Solve The Paradox of Choice

This case study digs into the psychology behind YouTube’s recent attempt to solve its user retention challenges (and monetization!).