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Date: 2016/08/24

Signaling a Process Change with a Discovery Phase

It's easy to find people frustrated with their current product design and delivery process. They'll list any number of maladies, from missing their customers' true needs to forcing a buildout of unwanted features. Much of the time, many of their co-workers share that frustration. Yet, those organizations are petrified of changing the way they do things.

A simple way to import and iterate with Figma

Design interactive high-fidelity prototypes for iOS, Android, desktop or the web. Invent new animations and interactions. Integrates with Sketch and Photoshop.

K2 Retreat: Design Process

Each year Instacart brings together all of its employees to our San Francisco Headquarters. We celebrate the achievements of another year, look to the horizon where we're going and ...we have fun, of course. This time was no exception. In fact it was the best we've had thus far.

Typography is Fragile on the Web: An Interview with Robin Rendle

TypeThursday: Robin, thanks for being here for TypeThursday. Robin Rendle: Thanks for having me! TT: Of course. Robin, I would love to first learn more about you. What is your background? RR: My background is in books. I went to university to study English - that was when I started learning about design and when I just became infuriated with reading.

The Design Process

I want to be a designer when I grow up When I had just moved to San Francisco, I was instantly intimidated by all the cool phrases my colleagues used. "Damn, these guys must know a lot," I thought. I had been a designer for a long time but I felt like a noob around the UX experts.

Parallax Interactions in Principle

Let's animate the background to start giving it that depth and 3D space. Instead of animating a second artboard and moving things around that way, we'll be using Drivers. What are Drivers you ask? 🤔 Here is how Principle puts it in their docs: Drivers connect properties to each other using keyframes.

Simple and powerful version control tool for designers

Simple and powerful version control tool for design teams and individuals.


A new shipping company for independent artists, from the creators of Cards Against Humanity.

Make the Other Mistake

I've managed, coached, and helped quite a lot of people in my years at FB. This is an amalgam of over 100 real conversations that my coworkers told me really helped them grow. What mistake do you keep making that you just can't shake? What rut are you stuck in?