The five best design links, every weekday


Designer First World Problems

A collection of random comics about design, introversion, and sandwiches.

Always Ask Why Five Times

Five Whys is a method used to look into the cause-and-effect of a problem.

Confessions of a Flawed Designer

Comics on some bad habits I'm trying to fix as a creative.

If Screen Product Designers Designed Physical Products

Explained with comics.

How to Efficiently Design Everything at the Last Minute

Twelve steps to procrastinate like a professional.

Caffeine-infused design comics

Here's another collection of random comics related to design, office work, and the inability to sleep.

The Design Team: Collection of Random Comics

A pile of different vignettes that I've been doodling over the last month.

Shoulder Pads

Fear plays a significant role in the life of a designer. We're constantly showing our work, and in doing so, we feel like we're exposing ourselves.

The Type Snob

Back in 2014, I was a graphic designer who had just moved to San Francisco to become a UX designer. Before that, I had worked with different multinational conglomerates (well, more like dive bars, failing cafes, and the occasional garage band), and I felt ready to change things up by working in a Bay Area startup.

How To Conduct "Engaging" Design Reviews

Tips to keep a fun workplace by poking at the design team and toying with their emotions. It's ok to admit it-you're a sharp shooter, a perfectionist; no little flaw goes unnoticed under your supervision. Design reviews are the ideal opportunity to demonstrate that hawk vision you possess.

The Brainstorm Session

Hey, you still there?

Halloween Costumes for Designers

Puns, slang, and other dorky ideas to get you ready for trick-or-treating.

The Imposter

The courage of being fragile I recently started embracing my weaknesses. After a lifetime of blocking the idea of appearing vulnerable, I'm finally just pulling off the mask. It's really hard, especially for a born-and-raised Mexican who was taught to be a man, never cry, and suppress all emotions.

How to pretend you're a great designer

Practical tips and principles to trick people into thinking you're an industry thought leader. Don't know how to justify your excessive use of animations, clever copy, or generic cute illustrations? Just throw the word "delight" in the mix! Talk about how you understand the user's psychology-how you're creating an experience people will love.

From a Product Perspective

Masters of Persuasion. Product Managers are a special breed. When writing this comic, I wanted to portray the caricature of one but ended up illustrating the typical annoying freelancing client (yes, I went the easy and unoriginal way). In my defense, it was kind of hard to portray the conventional personality of a PM.

The Design Process

I want to be a designer when I grow up When I had just moved to San Francisco, I was instantly intimidated by all the cool phrases my colleagues used. "Damn, these guys must know a lot," I thought. I had been a designer for a long time but I felt like a noob around the UX experts.

The Design Team

Comics about a design team based in the heart of the tech world