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Revisiting Framer: My thoughts on this latest iteration

In this article I share my thoughts on the latest version of the design, and code tool; Framer.

Framer Awards 2022

Want to participate and have your site considered for a prize? Submit it before the end of the year to be nominated.

Framer Supply: Components for Framer

Add some magic to your sites with these funky components for Framer, the web design tool for creative pros.

Everything about Framer Motion layout animations

A complete guide to Framer Motion layout animations showcasing every concept.

Framer is still alive and well… and its a game-changer

I wanted to create a prototype that felt real. Stakeholders could pull it up on their mobile device and feel like they were using an application

Framer is dead · A love letter to my prototyping tool of choice

A story about how FramerJS misunderstood the users it served.

From Figma to Framer in One Seamless Workflow

Framer Web now imports your Figma files, allowing you to turn your existing visual designs into high-fidelity prototypes.

Framer - Web Beta

Sign up to the Beta waitlist to get early access.

Framer Guide to React

In recent years, React has become the de facto way to build big and fast web apps in JavaScript.

Introducing Framer Motion

Framer Motion is a new open source, production-ready motion library for React on the web.

This year’s must-do conference: Loupe 2019Sponsored

Sponsors like Google, world-class speakers, hands-on workshops, set in summertime Amsterdam. You can’t miss Framer’s design and code conference.

Introducing Framer Playground

This release brings a new code editor, animation library and world-class docs-empowering you to invent new interactions through creative coding.

Announcing Framer Bridge

Looking for that single source of truth? Framer Bridge is a Team Store release that connects your design system to production code.

Introducing the Page Tool

Framer X's powerful new interactive tool lets you design tons of interactions, from simple swipe gestures to 3D numeric pickers.

The New Framer X: Initial Impressions

The Framer team recently changed course with the announcement of a new prototyping tool, Framer X.

Framer X is Awesome, but it's not ready

Framer has been one of my favorite design tools for the last couple of years.

Designing with real data

How Dropbox uses Framer X and real data to design.

Framer X Is Here

Learn more about the world's first interactive design store, full feature set and launch partner components.

Framer X Preview

Framer X Beta 1 is synonymous with being fast, clean and easy to use. And it’s just the beginning!

Two tools, one prototype. A comparison of InVision Studio and Framer.

As designers, we need to rapidly produce and iterate through ideas.