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Date: 2018/10/03

The evolution of UX research at the Wall Street Journal

We asked Jarvie to tell us about how technology has changed her work and how her team is improving corporate culture.

Reimagining the experience of the longest established Singapore bank

A conceptual case study looking at OCBC Bank, the longest established Singapore bank.

The New Framer X: Initial Impressions

The Framer team recently changed course with the announcement of a new prototyping tool, Framer X.

UX Case Study: Warm Your Guests Up for the Wedding Day

Have you ever attended a wedding where the only people you know are the newlyweds?

A Barclays concept project

Competing with todays new generation of mobile banking.

Dark Mode, Data, and more in Sketch 52

Sketch 52 includes a totally redesigned interface, this latest release truly reflects the future of Sketch and design.