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Date: 2016/07/14

Rocket: Fast, Slack-style emoji everywhere on your Mac

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Making And Maintaining Atomic Design Systems With Pattern Lab 2

The benefits of UI design systems are now well known. They lead to more cohesive, consistent user experiences. They speed up your team's workflow, allowing you to launch more stuff while saving huge amounts of time and money in the process. They establish a common vocabulary between disciplines, resulting in a more collaborative and constructive workflow.

Introducing Office Fonts from H&Co

Every organization should brand its custom collateral: the proposals, statements, presentations and reports through which it communicates the most. Office Fonts from H&Co can help: they're specially designed for users of Microsoft® Word, Excel®, Powerpoint®, Pages®, Numbers®, and Keynote®, the business software that runs typography's last mile.

Who Really Is A Product Designer?

This is an era of transcendence, and the way we consume goods and services is fundamentally changing. Technology makes up a big part of our lives now, and we rely on it for many of our needs. We expect everything to be within the reach of our smartphone, and want a personalized experience, be it from a hospital or even a grocery store.

Starbucks X Spotify

As a graphic designer who moved on to be a user interface designer and a developer. It's been a long while since I 've had some time to explore any projects that are branding or packaging. I think it's important to make time to explore different aspects o...

Type Nugget: Online Typesetting and CSS Generation Tool

We're building Type Nugget - an online typesetting tool that gives you fine control over a robust base for hella fine web type - all via a pleasant user interface. We're keen to use it ourselves, but thought, 'hey, I wonder what features you want us to build in?'

Ignore (some) user feedback

If you do services-based design work, certain devices are useful. Research, scenarios, user interviews, and other mechanisms can help you make sense of user behavior. These can also be useful for product-based design, but they're not quite as necessary. This is because you can see for yourself what users do- and they'll tell you.

Helping one of TV’s most popular cooking shows go responsive

Helping one of TV's most popular cooking shows go responsive America's Test Kitchen is the most-watched cooking show on public television. With over 2 million viewers each week, its cast strives to empower home cooks everywhere by developing foolproof, meticulously-tested recipes and providing unbiased equipment and ingredient reviews.

Introducing the all-new Inside Intercom

We pride ourselves on the fact that Intercom has become synonymous with high quality design and content. But we never take that reputation for granted. We are one of that growing band of designer-led startups and believe we have a strong design-led culture. We've also invested heavily in content in the past 18 months.