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What happened when I stopped using Emojis

When was the last time you went a day without using any emoji? How about a week? I went through a fun self-imposed experiment: no emoji for 2 weeks.

Emotionality at work

Why we refreshed our 1800+ emoji to support the new landscape of work.

Bear plus snowflake equals polar bear

Quick, how many bytes make up the following line? No tricks, I promise.

Emoji b4 emoji

Tens of millions of broadsides were printed from the very earliest days of printing.

Designing the Ada Lovelace hashflag emoji

On Ada Lovelace Day we celebrate the work of women in STEM. Jenny Brennan writes about how she designed a hashflag for the occasion.

These new emojis perfectly sum up this dumpster fire of a year

[Insert sob emoji here.]

Unicode got a proposal for a kneeling-in-protest emoji two years ago

Kneeling is more complicated than you’d think.

'Stressed AF': These new emoji perfectly sum up our new reality

For anyone who needs a salty way to express their current struggles.

Talk to Me: The Evolution of Emoji

Feature Gifs, memes, and emoji have quickly become a lingua franca. But what do they say about our collective need to be heard?

Emoji get redesigned for COVID-19

Empty toilet paper rolls and a 'closed' sign.

Emojis as Favicons

Lea Verou had a dang genius idea to use an emoji as a favicon.

This designer created emoji that represent the beauty of African culture

O’PlΓ©rou Grebet designed one new emoji every day for a year. They communicate the dynamism of his West African heritage.

The past, present and future of the emoji

Jennifer Daniel spends her days debating which emotions, concepts and relationships warrant being "emojified".

Emoji Frequency

How does the Unicode Consortium choose which new emoji to add? One important factor is data about how frequently current emoji are used.

Inside the Microsoft Emoji Design Studio

Discover the hidden complexity behind your favorite emoji.

Google creates 53 gender-neutral emojis

As part of Android Q Beta 3, Google has created 230 new emojis, including 53 that are gender-neutral.

Emoji keep getting more inclusive. So why is there no trans pride flag?

Emoji have come a long way since the early days of smiley faces and fax machine icons.

Emojis: The Complete History πŸ“šπŸ“–

Emojis have become an integral part of our daily communication.

Emoji Builder

Build your own emojis.

How to Use Emojis as Icons

Icons have become an important part of web designs.