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Date: 2020/09/25

Jazz Musician Lettering

Rather than post 100s of covers and posters, I wanted to isolate the lettering for easy browsing and analysis.

These new emojis perfectly sum up this dumpster fire of a year

[Insert sob emoji here.]

Adobe XD Has a New Look

We’ve launched a new look for Adobe XD. It’s not an app redesign (yet), but think of it as a new suit of clothes.

The failed promise of Web Components

Web Components had so much potential to empower HTML to do more, make dev more accessible to non-coders & easier for coders. Or that was the idea.

The Psychology Behind TikTok’s Addictive Feed

This TikTok case study shows you the psychological principles that make their video feed so addictive (and how that could be made more humane).