The five best design links, every weekday

Date: 2021/02/18

Google’s vibrant new interface makes it super easy to buy from Black brands

A clickable artwork by Amani Lewis lets consumers shop Black-owned brands such as Jungalow, Blk & Bold coffee, and more.

When does iconography start to become useless?

There’s a big difference between how you might see iconography used, for example, in Microsoft Word & Photoshop or on a website you’ve just launched.

The State of User Research 2021 Report

The third annual State of User Research report uncovers trends in UX research methods, tools, salaries, and remote work. This one's a beaut!

Andy.Works on a mission against boring apps

Simple, focused apps like weather and calculator that use bold type, graphics and animation to drive one point home: No more boring apps.

CSS Switch-Case Conditions

CSS is yet to have a switch rule or conditional if, aside from the specific nature of media queries and some deep trickery with CSS custom properties.