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Date: 2016/08/11

Behind the Icons: An interview with Susan Kare

AR: I had no idea there were so many women back then. Looking at pictures from that era, it's remarkable how young Jobs was. What was it like working with him then? SK: It was always really fun to show Steve something new because, if he liked it, he was so joyful.

How Design And Data Speak The Same Language

Rochelle King: It was definitely a curvy road. I always knew I'd enter college undecided as a major, because there were so many different topics that I was interested in, and that desire to explore has been reflected throughout my life. I studied art history as an undergrad but went to graduate school for engineering.

Building a cross-platform product

Our product teams pride themselves on working in small, autonomous units. Each team has their own roadmap, their own weekly goals, and their own ways of collaborating. Traditionally, this has worked really well for each of our products. But when building product that spans mobile and web, this process can quickly break down.

This material design app will make you want to study physics again

Hi Anders and Jack! So tell us, what is Isotope? Isotope is a high-end Android application which purpose is to make the studying of the periodic table of chemical elements more fun and interesting. Anders Bjarnle -  I've always loved the idea of how the periodic table works because it's a smart and obviously logic way of structuring up how all the elements work.

While I Was Redesigning a Boarding Pass, Paper Got Old

The Sad State of Product Design and Innovation in Healthcare

I saw this tweet by Rasu Shrestha. I interpret it as a challenge to healthcare stakeholders to consider the importance of user-centered product and experience design in our work. Using a regular glass ketchup bottle is a poorly designed experience.

Cheers! Discover.typography by H&Co

How to use fonts: Typographic explorations from the designers at Hoefler & Co.

Vocalizer: Help Others Pronounce Your Name Correctly

For most non-Pakistani or non-Indian folks, my name is hard to pronounce when they first read it. In kindergarten, it was AY-TIF. Growing up in a rural town in Cental New Jersey, I remember my five-year-old self correcting the teacher a few times, but eventually it somehow reverted back to the mispronounced version.

Responsive HTML Email Templates

Lee Munroe is an Email Designer and Developer based in San Francisco, California. Lee was Product Design Lead at Mailgun by Rackspace, an email service for developers, where he open-sourced several email related tools for developers including a Grunt workflow. His GitHub stars for email related projects amount to over 10,000.

Is the T-shape evolving?

Are designers evolving from UX designers or just visual designers into multi-disciplinary generalists? There seems to be higher-quality design all-rounders coming back into vogue. When I was a freelancer it was in my best interest to be a generalist. To do everything. Being able to do more meant I could win more business.