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Date: 2016/07/06

Jason Fried on Product Strategy

Basecamp co-founder and CEO Jason Fried talks when to rebuild a successful product, why chat use in the workplace has gone overboard, and more.

Metrics Versus Experience

Some decades ago, if you wanted to build a great experience, you'd take a deep breath, close your eyes, and mutter a prayer to that oracle of answers: your gut. But as our ancestors learned to harness the power of fire, so did we learn to harness the power of measurement and analytics.

The Funderstorms

We are a creative team, that works fast, straight to the point and brings fun to the agency we work in, we are fast like a lightning, straight to the point like a lightning that just have hit a tree and we pour fun.

AOS - Animate on scroll library

Mockup editor

Mockup Editor Login Pricing Contact Blog Select a template Start out with a premade scene that already works. Then make it fit your design. Or start with a blank canvas instead. Our editor is smart. It know how much you hate working with poster mockups in the wrong size!

Design Better Forms

Omit optional fields and think of other ways to collect data. Always ask yourself if the question can be inferred, postponed, or completely excluded. Data entry is increasingly automated. For example, mobile and wearable devices collect large amounts of data without the user's conscious awareness.

Rethinking the Chat Interface

When I message my friends, I frequently find myself thinking it would have been neat if there existed a certain affordance or cue in a certain part of the app. I started thinking about how it would have been better if a chat app had these features.

5 tips for aspiring junior designers

I like to joke that people who introduce themselves as a freelance designer, are just people who work in a bar. It's a bit mean, but there are so many designers out there today that it's gotten truly difficult to get a foot in the door with agencies.

Email Optimized Dogs

Make email more fun with pixel art and love.

Bootstrap 4: A Visual Guide to What's New

Looking back at Bootstrap 3, the 4 grid tiers ( 'xs', 'sm', 'md' and 'lg' breakpoints) worked looked like this.. As you can see in Bootstrap 3, the smallest breakpoint has a wide range of devices less than 768px in width. As a result, there's no simple way to create different grid layouts for typical smartphone screens (~375px).

Prism: Color sharing made easy for Sketch

(Formerly ShareableColorPalette) Creates a beautiful artboard with all the colors in your 'Document Colors' with its respective color label in a variety of formats. (Sketch 8.3.8+) Beautiful color palette generation. Automatic color naming. Fully customizable. Export as code in a variety of formats (CSS, SASS variables, Swift, etc). Color renaming (Alias).

The Evidence-Based UX Design Guide

Good UX design requires you know what your users are doing and thinking. You need to make decisions based on evidence not guesswork. How do you get this evidence? There are many methods, each with pros and cons.

Designing Between Points

As we design, we mark well traveled paths so we can quickly and efficiently find our way back. The points we set can create design spaces that are constraining or freeing, depending on where they're placed. Responsive typography on the web today has a large impact on a site's or app's look and feel.