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Switching Careers to UX Design

Insights from interviews with 20 designers who made the switch to UX Design from another field.

2021 Design Tools Survey

Find your next tool from the responses of thousands of designers around the world.

How Designers Can Prevent User Errors

There are lots of practical ways designers can help users avoid mistakes.

Take the 2021 Design Tools Survey

Share your tools and workflows with thousands of other designers in the annual Design Tools Survey.

Quicker UX Research Synthesis

After conducting research, here are some ways I’ve learned to synthesize it quickly without falling behind.

The Best UX Research Methods in a Pinch

Over the years, I’ve found a collection of highly-efficient UX research methods that I rely on when I have little time or money.

Fast and Cheap Ways to Find UX Research Participants

Proven methods for finding research participants when you’re low on time or low on budget.

33 Activity Ideas for Remote UX Workshops

Here are 33 ideas to try in your next meeting, along with tips and recommended tools.

UX Design Challenges

A set of challenges to practice UX design skills.

2020 Design Tools Survey

See the most popular tools used by over 4,000 designers based on this annual survey.

2019 Design Tools Survey

The annual Design Tools Survey is a free resource for creators, companies, and classrooms to educate themselves on the best tools for their needs.

2019 Design Tools Survey

It's back! Share your toolkit with thousands of other designers in this annual survey.

2018 Design Tools Survey Results

Wonder which tools everyone else is using? In this survey, 2,800 designers give their opinion on the most popular design tools of 2018.

2018 UX Tools Survey

Which design tools are you using? Add your voice to 2,000 other designers in the 2018 Design Tools Survey.

Design Tools Survey

The results are in! 2,000 designers give their opinion on the most popular design tools of 2017.

2017 Design Tools Survey

Wonder what tools everyone else is using? Let's capture this explosion of design tools as it happens.