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Date: 2021/04/30

33 Activity Ideas for Remote UX Workshops

Here are 33 ideas to try in your next meeting, along with tips and recommended tools.

Apple packaging like you’ve never seen it before

Clean lines, whiter-than-white elegance and direct, no-fuss ultra-minimalism.

The Almost-Complete Guide to Cumulative Layout Shift

This is Jess B Peck’s personal website. SEO, Analytics, big data, small data, and the web.

Why has no one made a better Goodreads

People who read often desire to read in connection with other readers. Readers have found community within the website, “Goodreads.”

The Figma plugins that make me a better designer

Figma is Shopify’s default tool for product design and prototyping. Explore 9 utility plugins developed to work even more effectively.