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Date: 2023/02/07

Combining AI and Design: A Step-by-Step Guide

I recently had the opportunity to help a friend prepare for the launch of their crowdfunding campaign.

How To Build A Magazine Layout With CSS Grid Areas

Web development, especially what you can do with CSS, has become increasingly complex.

How Pinterest’s design systems team measures adoption

The Gestalt team tells us how they used Figma’s REST API to create FigStats, a dashboard for visualizing component usage.

ChatGPT Is Constantly Tricked by People, but Who’s Fooling Who?

Why does ChatGPT seem so smart, but is so easy to trick? A psychologist’s experiment and take on ChatGPT’s and their own limitations.

The UX of payments: slow and shallow experiences

In this chapter on the UX of Banking, we’ll cover the experiences of domestic payments.