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Date: 2021/11/19

Icons in Pure CSS

In my previous post about Reimagine Atomic CSS, I introduced a preset of UnoCSS that provides the ability to use any icons on-demand in purely CSS.

How We Investigated Facebook’s Most Popular Content

Investigating FB's widely viewed content report and a new Twitter bot "Trending on Facebook" checking what they say is happening on the platform.

tldraw - a tiny little drawing app

Drawing and diagramming tool with a hand-drawn style. Features smart arrows, snapping, and sticky notes. Open-sourced and a VS Code extension too.

How to build stunning 3D scenes with React Three Fiber

Learn how to apply your app development skills to 3D graphics with this deep dive into WebGL.

A visual history of Playstation controllers 

I illustrated every Playstation controller, from PS 1 to PS 5, in Figma.