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Date: 2020/10/23

The 25 most spectacular branding fails of the last 25 years

From McDonald’s hamburger for adults to ‘The Dead Kid’ Super Bowl ad, these are the biggest ‘what were they thinking?’ moments since 1995.

State-Switch Controls: The Infamous Case of the “Mute” Button

On–off controls that switch between two different system states need to clearly communicate to users both states.

Build your SVG favicon in seconds

Build a letter-based favicon like most big tech companies, or be playful and create an emoji-based favicon.

Thinking Outside the Box with CSS Grid

When you think of CSS Grid, you generally think of a boxy layout, right?

The Psychology of Misinformation During the 2020 U.S. Elections

This case study shows you the psychological principles that make people spread misinformation on social media (and how that could be improved).