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Date: 2017/09/21

Color, psychology and design

Is product design only about how humans interacts with it?

Branding across cultures : How to Pair Latin and Kanji type

This week we learn how to pair Latin and Kanji type with Tien-Min Liao, creator of the Bilingual Lettering project.

New Belfast logo and the typical tabloid response

The new Belfast logo was a recent topic on a radio phone-in after "a disgruntled council worker" shared a low-res version of the mark.

Trash Isles Branding

A pile of trash in the ocean has grown to the size of France—and some people want it recognized as a nation.

Shoulder Pads

Fear plays a significant role in the life of a designer. We're constantly showing our work, and in doing so, we feel like we're exposing ourselves.