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Date: 2017/05/22

How to see: mindset & design thinking

George Nelson (1908-1986) was an American industrial designer and one of the founders of American Modernism. I look at the way George Nelson designed the ball clock, asterisk clock and starburst clock, and I see a designer who pioneered among many things in architecture & design.

Redesigning Android Emoji

Since the days of Android KitKat, our emoji have grown to over 2,000 characters with only subtle changes in style. With the proliferation of high density screens and new messaging use cases, we decided it was time to give our emoji an overhaul.

What Makes a Great Book Cover

Have you ever bought a book for its cover? Maybe not. But chances are a cover has captured your attention, leading you to pick it up and scan the first few pages to see if you'd get hooked. Even if...

Refreshing The Atlantic Homepage in 2017

Our last major redesign in April 2015, explored the idea of " a real time magazine" and the implications therein. Stories had large images, the page was fully curated, and there was modularity, which in theory provided editorial flexibility. The hope was that we could give the entire page the same care and attention as the top of the page.

UX Design for the Internet of Things

I had a great conversation with Jenae Ramos, UX designer and co-organizer of Orlando's Downtown UX Meetup, talking about design and the Internet of Things. Jenae joked that designing for the screen involves many permutations of "fancy rectangles." While that's completely selling the complexity of UX design short, I get the point.