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Redesigning the Apple Music app

Last summer, I clocked out of work and was trying to think of ideas for a case study to use as the basis for learning UI/UX myself.

UI Case study: state styles of card component with accessibility in mind

Today I would like to share my latest UI case study for the state styles on a card component.

8 Pro Tips to Level Up Typography

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable and appealing when displayed.

Why Adobe XD is better than Sketch.

After continuous updates of Adobe XD I take back everything I said against it, and here’s why.

Vectornator X: Create. Collaborate. Inspire.

Create sophisticated graphics, illustrations, beautiful designs, and amazing layouts - all in one super powerful tool.

10 promising examples of Figma Plugins

A subset of demos from creators online.

How we used UI/UX to confront the climate crisis

There's no easy way to talk about the climate crisis. But what if there was a better way to present it?

Building From The Ground Up With New Design Tools

Ideally, I’d be able to start with a tool that lets me reference requirements and turn them into screens and flows.

Dear John Maeda, You're Wrong.

While writing this, something has become extremely clear-John Maeda doesn't understand the role of Product Design, specifically in tech.

Here's what designers can learn from Marie Kondo

There's a new phenomenon sweeping the nation and it's fascinating. Who would have imagined that America's new obsession would be tidying up?

Space Bear: Student Information System for RED Academy

A case study on increasing efficiency to achieve wisdom economy.

UX/UI Case Study: Engager Rings - Custom Engagement Jewelry

A design challenge to improve the user experience of a family legacy in the digital space.

Introducing UI Sounds 🎶

A library of user interface sounds from popular apps to help you think and learn more about sound when designing and building products.

Netflix Discovery Experience - A UX/UI Case Study

What if Netflix knew what you want to watch, before you?

A UX Guide For Designing Error Pages

404’s & maintenance pages. Use this checklist before you get started.

Voice First, Screen Second

Designing for Voice in Adobe XD.

If you leave me now: designing goodbye copy

When users say they’re not interested, do you understand where they’re coming from, or go about a campaign full of crocodile tears and empty in value?

Lost in copywriting - experiencing Japan as a designer

During my trip to the mesmerising country of Japan in October this year, I felt there was no end to the impressions I got.


A user interface design case study based on an ongoing research in swarm robotics.

Confessions of a UX Designer

I'm about to commit a cardinal sin against the gods of UX in penning this article.