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Brendan Dawes’ seven rules of creativity

Brendan Dawes is a UK-based artist who uses generative processes involving data, machine learning and algorithms to create a panoply of projects.

The World’s Scariest Fonts

The definitive guide to horror typography.

How Marylou Faure Illustrates Women to Make Them Feel Good

With her playful, inflated-looking characters, the artist aims to inspire pride and self-confidence in the female form.

This Font Is the Comic Sans of the 1970s

Long before Comic Sans attracted the scorn of design nerds, there was Souvenir.

A Primer on Weird Vinyl Design

Records help us reclaim our physical relationship with music in the streaming age.

How One Typeface Landed on the Moon

Futura started off as an avant-garde contribution to 1920s Modernism. But by the 1960s, it had become part of NASA’s authoritative image.

Predictions for the Year Ahead

Huge's strategists, technologists, UX designers, and creatives weigh in on what's really relevant in 2018.

How Design Is Making Bugs Easier to Swallow

Meet three companies trying to conquer the Mt. Everest of branding challenges: persuading you to eat insects.

Why All Designers Should Read Cyberpunk

Molly Millions is cool. Her augmented eyes are coated in mirrors, and beneath her immaculately manicured nails, quicksilver daggers wait to be sprung.

Zen and the Art of Designing Startups

How Kelly Robinson creates inspiring offices for the likes of Airbnb, Headspace, and SoundCloud.

Stop-Motion Animation Good Enough to Eat

Becca Clason combines handcrafted lettering with a hungry eye for detail.

Erik Spiekermann Has a Beef with Silicon Valley

The legendary designer may be retired, but he hasn't stopped making work or airing his opinions.

It's Time to Design Emotionally Intelligent Machines

The opportunity for brands to forge deep relationships with their users has never been greater.

Forget Comic Sans. Mistral Is the Typeface You Should Love to Hate

Ask people to name a font they hate, and they'll name Comic Sans or Papyrus.

The Father of Grunge Typography Calls Out Lazy Design

Legendary designer David Carson on why you should just say no to Helvetica.

What Makes a Great Book Cover

Have you ever bought a book for its cover? Maybe not. But chances are a cover has captured your attention, leading you to pick it up and scan the first few pages to see if you'd get hooked. Even if...

Drawing Words and Writing Pictures: An Appreciation of Maira Kalman

Designer and writer Frank Chimero salutes the methods and work of the legendary illustrator. A lot of my job as a designer, writer, and illustrator is producing words and images, then finding interesting methods to merge them. I am always hungry for inspiration on ways to do this, but there are fewer examples than you'd expect.

How Steven Heller Redefined the Design Industry

SVA's Steven Heller has helped launch dozens of high-profile design careers. To his protégés, he seems like the ultimate insider - but he didn't start out that way. S teven Heller is sitting in his office at Manhattan's School of Visual Arts, sipping iced green tea and editing a draft of his latest book.

A Holiday Gift Guide for Design and Tech Snobs

T he holidays are nigh. And if that information feels daunting, you're not alone. With everything going on in the world, it's now even harder to focus on finding the perfect gifts. How can you hit the stores when the very fabric of our democracy is threatened?

Behance Cofounder's Design Secret: Ignore the Internet

Matias Corea opens up about the Adobe acquisition, the beauty of analog inspiration, and why designers need to stop scrolling. M atias Corea has lived the entrepreneurial designer's dream. In 2006, he, along with Scott Belsky, founded Behance, an online portfolio platform that became the place for creatives to showcase their work.