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Date: 2017/01/11

Plagiarism in Design

As a design student, I look up to a lot of other designers in the industry, and studying others' design work helps me to develop better knowledge and understanding of design happening around the world. Designers take pride in their work from start to finish - the researching, brainstorming and final design executions.

The New York Times Redesign Concept

Showcase and discover the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across industries.

The Blueprint - A Magazine For The Curious Creative

Blueprint Volume 1 takes a closer look at the art of managing customer, design and work expectations.

Zeplin's 2016

Here's a review of what we've been through in 2016. We've got stories, some silly metrics and some design patterns we've seen in Zeplin! It's hard to believe how fast our community has grown over the year. Zeplin now has over 480,000 users, from 181 countries.

The Type Snob

Back in 2014, I was a graphic designer who had just moved to San Francisco to become a UX designer. Before that, I had worked with different multinational conglomerates (well, more like dive bars, failing cafes, and the occasional garage band), and I felt ready to change things up by working in a Bay Area startup.