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Introducing Zeplin for Visual Studio Code

Quickly access the designs you’re working on, follow design changes, open related Jira issues — all from within VS Code.

Announcing Global Styleguides

Connecting design systems to engineering.

Introducing Zeplin 2.0 - Components and a ton more goodies

Today, we're extremely excited to announce that Zeplin 2.0 is ready for all of us to explore!

Flows in Zeplin - Round One

For some time, we've been scratching our heads around how to present relationships between screens, the flow of the project in Zeplin.

Introducing Zeplin Extensions

Today, we’re very excited announce that we’re taking our first step into making Zeplin more extensible.

Zeplin ↔ Figma integration, it's here!

It's a pretty exciting time to be a designer.

Zeplin's 2016

Here's a review of what we've been through in 2016. We've got stories, some silly metrics and some design patterns we've seen in Zeplin! It's hard to believe how fast our community has grown over the year. Zeplin now has over 480,000 users, from 181 countries.