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Date: 2016/11/09

Maybe more brands should be thinking about UX

It's great for the first dose, but who wants to get out of bed to rinse the thing when you're sick? So the second dose is crusty. If you haven't lost the cup already. And really, this should kind of...

Your Closet Is Your Personal Design Style Guide

Have you ever noticed the relationship between a closet and a design style guide? Your closet reflects who you are and shapes your style. A design style guide determines how a product is going to look. Don't you want to stand out with a strong personality and unique style?

How CSS pseudo-classes work, explained with code and lots of diagrams

Let's be honest - there are times when CSS can really hurt your brain. It's hard enough to center an element inside its parents. Today, we're going to make sense of an even more challenging aspect of CSS: pseudo-classes. The pseudo-classes I'll cover here come in two flavors.

How To Conduct "Engaging" Design Reviews

Tips to keep a fun workplace by poking at the design team and toying with their emotions. It's ok to admit it-you're a sharp shooter, a perfectionist; no little flaw goes unnoticed under your supervision. Design reviews are the ideal opportunity to demonstrate that hawk vision you possess.

Sketch: An Iconic New Look and More

Sketch's familiar yellow diamond has been the application icon since version 3.0, released back in 2014. Given we have since moved away from version 3, and traditional versioning schemes we thought this release would be the perfect one to give things a little visual refresh.