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Date: 2016/10/31

Woodford Bourne PRO Family of 18 Vintage Grotesque-Style Fonts - only $15!Sponsored

Give your latest project a real iconic feel with this wonderful Mighty Deal from Paulo Goode! Inspired by iconic stone cast letters from 19th century buildings in Ireland, Woodford Bourne PRO features 9 unique weights, each in regular and italics styles, totalling some 18 different fonts! Get all 18 fonts for only $15!

Design Principles: Introduction To Hierarchy

The need for technical skill in graphic design continues to grow as technologies and interfaces change. Yet, how have fundamental understandings of visual hierarchy, perception and composition changed along with new interfaces? The modern concept of human visual perception is rooted in psychological study.

Pushing That Crosswalk Button May Make You Feel Better, but…

It is a reflex born of years of habit: You see a button, press it and then something happens. The world is filled with them, such as doorbells, vending machines, calculators and telephones. But some buttons we regularly rely on to get results are mere artifices - placebos that promote an illusion of control but that in reality do not work.

Uber Visual Identity Redesign

In February 2016, we launched a new dynamic visual identity to reflect the ongoing evolution of Uber.In 2010, Uber launched as a way for 100 friends in San Francisco to get luxury rides-everyone's private driver. Today, we're a transportation network sp...

Customer feedback on mythical posters

Our mailboxes are filled with these. We anxiously wait for them. Say hi to client feedback! We must admit clients are not always wrong. True, the cat in this poster is anxiety-inducing, let's put a " lol cat" instead. More seriously; an excess of marketing, consensus, and politically correct were never behind a memorable project.