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Date: 2016/07/26

How to Think About Your Career

If you had asked 22-year-old me what my "career aspirations" were, I would have looked at you blankly and then casually changed the subject to what programs you'd recommend to model cute 3D bunnies for a video game, or whether the writers of would be so devious as to ship Sydney Bristow and Sark.

14 Prototyping Tools & How Each Can Be Used

14 Prototyping Tools & How Each Can Be Used Everyone is asking: "Which prototyping tool is the best?" That's the wrong question. The correct question is: "Which prototyping tool is the best for my current objective?" Spoiler alert: everyone should be skilled in multiple prototyping tools. One is not enough.

The Making Of Prince's Symbol

If you look at Lizz's sketch of the number 7, you can see that it's very rough. Not exactly what you would call a solid block shape. Making a 3D model of her pencil sketch as it was would be difficult and there just wasn't time.

Project Bloks: Creating a development platform for tangible programming

Project Bloks is creating a development platform for tangible programming, to help kids develop computational thinking through playful coding experiences.

Fontic: Easily include fonts from Photoshop on the web

Fontic - Scan your PSD file for fonts then include them on the web!

Work at Square

Building the future of commerce. Square creates products and services that push boundaries and innovate business. We're looking for curious, hard-working leaders to join our team and help empower our global community of sellers. Have an idea? Pitch it-entrepreneurial minds thrive at Square. We have more to do.

Our First Design Sprint

Typically we work through our design challenges virtually. We have 27 people scattered across the planet and we spend our days in Google Hangouts, HipChat discussions, GitHub repos and putting notes on Trello cards. We were starting to realize the limits of these virtual discussions as we tried to use more of a design thinking...

Building Personas at Optimizely

One of Optimizely's core values is customer empathy. We strive to understand our customers as deeply as possible so that we can build products that are essential to them. Building empathy is easier said than done. To help stimulate empathy at Optimizely and turn it into an engine that drives successful product development, our UX Research team built personas.

How we're working to improve our design critiques at Treehouse

So, circling back. We did retrospectives with the mini-critique teams and focused them specifically on the the problems we are hoping to correct, and how well the teams were living up to their working agreements. What were the results? Well, here they are: We still don't know if removing the set weekly critique was helpful.

Announcing The New Sidebar T-Shirt

Let me tell you a story about a t-shirt. I was a huge fan of post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout as a kid, and I wanted to let the whole world know. So I downloaded an awesome Fallout wallpaper, brought it to a print shop, and got it printed on a t-shirt, which I ended up proudly wearing all throughout my high school years (thus ensuring a total lack of girlfriend).