The five best design links, every weekday

Date: 2016/07/20

Simple Interactive Points Effect

An interactive transparency background effect that makes images visible when specific points are hovered, showing some content once clicked.

5 Actual Web Designs Trends for 2016

Whenever I see a link called Web Design Trends for this year I click it happily only to be disappointed within minutes. It's always, without fail, trends from last year, or non-trends like: illustrations. Or did you know that animations apparently is a big trend?

Not your average 404 landing pages

In the name of creativity!

Designing Airbnb's Website: An Interactive Mockup Exercise

When you think of a good website design, what comes to mind? For me, it's Airbnb. I like its design not just because it has a pretty color palette or an eye-catching video on the front page, but because it was built with good user experience in mind.

IBM Design Secrets

When I applied to intern at IBM Design in June 2015, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. Of course I'd heard of IBM, but I didn't really know much about their products or what their designers were actually doing.

Adobe XD - The new hat in the ring of prototyping tools

Functions, Workflows and Use Cases of the Preview Version 'Built from scratch. Built for speed.' The new prototyping and screen design tool 'XD', short for 'Experience Design' follows totally different priorities than the complex design applications Adobe is known for.The public preview version has been available since March and has been updated with new features every month.

Designing with code, not in code

The making of a beautiful friendship. We recently launched a website for our client Signac that involved a lot of animation and snappy interactions. While we're really proud of our design work, it could not have come to fruition without Mike (our front-end developer and resident Drake aficionado) working by our side, experimenting and testing concepts in the browser.

Some brands hurt people

He's not a wimp. In fact, anything but. He'll out-lift you, even though he only weighs 140 pounds. He'll out-run you, even though he's in his early 70s. And, he'll burn you out of the sauna, if you care to test him. (I don't recommend trying this.)

What we can learn from people with different UX backgrounds

Did you ever wonder how to become a UX designer? I often get asked this question by clients or (non-designer) colleagues. And my answer is: there are many different paths to UX. I've had colleagues with a background in psychology, languages, communication sciences, but also developers.

User Stories are bad... M'Kay?

How do you go about setting the context for the feature or capability your product team is going to build? To put it simply, if User Stories are driving the creation of your product backlog items, there's a very realistic chance you might be missing a lot of what's important to the human beings you're designing for.

Sketch 39 Brings Symbol Resizing and Cloud Beta

Sketch 39 Brings Symbol Resizing and Cloud Beta We're thrilled to introduce Sketch 39. This update brings Smart Resizing, a native feature for Symbols and groups, that allows you to experiment with flexible layouts right in your Canvas. We're introducing Sketch Cloud, a beta service that allows you to share your Sketch documents online.