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Date: 2016/07/18

Deadly UI

Take a look at the following maps showing variations of the most common user interfaces in the world. Do you recognize them? Even if you figured out that these diagrams represent automobile shifter positions, I am willing to bet that it wasn't an instant association.

39 studies about human perception in 30 minutes

These are my speaker notes from a talk I gave at OpenVis in April 2016. Originally this talk was supposed to be called "Everything we know about how humans perceive graphics," which is... at a minimum, pretty pretentious. I scaled back a bit.

Fontself: Create Your own Fonts in IllustratorSponsored

Create your own fonts in minutes right from Illustrator CC. Just drag & drop your lettering. That's it =)

Designing an in-app Survey: How to capture user’s emotion

How to capture user's emotion (concept study) Last week, one of my favorite apps sent me an email to take a survey. So, I thought why not helping them to improve their app? I tried to fill the survey out, but I just couldn't finish the survey - it was too painful.

"But, all my work is under NDA!" A panel and Q&A about portfolios and IP agreements for in-house designers.

UX, PM, HR, and Legal walk into an AMA to discuss the tension between portfolio requirements, non-disclosure agreements, company IP, and showing your work. If you're an in-house designer, especi - Join Jake's Crowdcast on Wed Jul 20 2016 7:30 pm EDT

Artem Troinoi Personal Portfolio

Using Animation to Enhance UX

Updated 12th Jul 2016 How I've used animation to improve UX in a CRM system Animation has been used very successfully to delight and engage film viewers - I don't need to quote IMDB ratings of Pixar films in order to highlight their popularity.