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Date: 2023/08/10

X Marks The Spot Where Musk Buried Twitter’s Brand

How much does it cost to ruin a brand? Apparently $44 billion, if Elon Musk is any indication.

Humans VS AI: Who’s Better at Designing?

The industry is constantly evolving, and it influences the profession of a designer as well.

The Psychological Depths of Rock-Paper-Scissors

An excerpt from veteran game designer Greg Costikyan’s book “Uncertainty in Games.”

New feel and features for the Arts & Culture app

Discover the redesigned Google Arts & Culture app now on Android.

Keita Miyazaki Sprouts Delicate Origami from Welded Car Parts

In his solo exhibition ‘Excess of Desire,’ Keita Miyazaki’s sculptures appear to grow from the floor or sprout from pedestals.